Law and Order

Official signs regulate Tucson, like any other American city with speed limits and turn-only lanes. The Adopt-a-Highway program allows individuals to "adopt" a mile, on which they pledge to maintain cleanliness. This is a rare opportunity for the personal to merge with the public establishment. Some adopt a highway out of civic pride; others to commemorate a death. The reasons vary but all are publicly recognized on signs; no one is anonymous. If their stretch of the highway is dirty, the sign silently blames them. If their stretch of the highway is clean, the sign subtly praises them. Note: Only a select few on the contact sheet are enlargeable.

Order appears in signs official and unofficial. Ranging from businesses to personal homes, signs reveal the prevalence of Christianity in this area.

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By Julie in Remembrance of Her Father Adopt a Highway
Adopt a Highway Arizona Bowhunters Adopt a Highway Catalina Helping Hands

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