Old Designs

I'm Your Zero I made my first web page in 1995. I was a Prodigy member and it was around the time that Prodigy was switching handles from their crazy letter and number combos (e.g. FTPG43C) to real names. They were also hosting web pages. I chose the name doriangray and made a page using a program called HotDog.

I wish I had saved that page, because I don't remember what was on it except the cover of the Smashing Pumpkins Zero CD single. I remember that someone had put a link to my page on her own page, calling me “mysterious.” I've saved all of my designs since the 2nd one I made in college, which was probably the 4th design I ever made.

Home Pages

  • Old Design 1 (1998-1999) – Before this design, I had made a design with the same layout with a cowboy roping cattle in the background and a different style title logo. I don't have the HTML for that page or the old logo, but I saved the background image. I used to download background images from someone named Windy at windyweb.com. Cowboy 1 Cowboy 2 windyweb.com
  • Old Design 2 (10 July 1999) – I liked this design for awhile, but I thought I should go for something more colorful.
  • Old Design 3 (5 May 2000) – This was too colorful. I was really into Google and surf the web for money schemes.
  • Old Design 4 (20 July 2000) – I still like this style. It's my favorite one in an old-school HTML way.
  • Old Design 5 (4 January 2002) – Of course, I got bored with the previous design and came up with this one. I moved all of my content to siboliban.org.
  • Old Design 6 (4 February 2003) – I'm not sure what I was going for in this design.
  • Old Design 7 (17 May 2003) – I learned CSS and molded the previous design together better.
  • Old Design 8 (10 October 2004) – This was a variation on some themes previously explored, but it ended up being my shortest design to date.
  • Old Design 9 (17 December 2004) – I was trying for something more plain and functional than my previous three designs, but with an element of fun with the torn tickets.
  • Old Design 10 (1 January 2007) – With this design, I created the basic structure for my site that I'd like to keep for awhile. I had fun drawing the drafting theme completely in Photoshop.
  • Old Design 11 (19 October 2008) – I was trying something more old school with this style.
  • Old Design 12 (11 January 2011) – I left this design up the longest.