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Before social media sites, I used my personal website mostly to share things about myself.

  • Old Designs — My website has evolved a lot over the years.
  • Concert Souvenirs — A collection of ticket stubs, playlists, live recordings and an essay. (Displayed as messily as I could muster. Heavy on the images, beware.)
  • My Year in Live Music Recording — An article I wrote for the WBAR 'zine Static.
  • FAQ — Find out how to pronounce my name, if you don't want to watch the video.
  • Discovering the Tucson Landscape — This is a photography project Bettina Shzu and I created during Columbia University's Earth Semester (now defunct) at the Biosphere 2 Center in Arizona.

Film & Video

Hidden Leaf — This is a one-minute video about my name.

Sweet Dreams — I made this short film based on a recurring dream I had as a kid.

Found Objects

This is a collection of things I've picked up that people left behind.